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Episode 3: Scare at Middletown High School North, Freehold Bomb Arrest, Village 35, Maggots at WaWa and More!

By October 13, 2017Podcast

A scary week in Monmouth County. We delve into the big story breaking at Middletown North High School – as a student posts a snapchat showcasing 38 bullets – suggesting that 38 students will be on the receiving end of them. Police have since investigated and searched the student’s house and have deemed the threat not credible. The student in the meantime has been charged with making terroristic threats and has been suspended.

Hasbrouck Heights superintendent forced to resign after New Jersey finds out that she transferred her daughter – also a district employee to a different office. In a bizarre turn of events, the superintendent covered the security cameras at the new location so no one would see her daughter working at the new location.  Not sure if she thought this was a temporary solution or if the cameras were going to covered indefinitely? Very strange.

New Jersey man claims to have found maggots inside his hoagie at Wawa! Check out the video footage on YouTube and decide for yourself. My guess is the maggots were living in the orange sauce, considering the meats would be too hot for the maggots to live and thrive. Pretty gross and I’m sure there will be a nice lawsuit to follow.

Freehold New Jersey biker found with pipes, bomb making materials and books on how to build bombs after housemate informs police of his findings. Man will be held without bail awaiting trial and has been charged with possession of explosives, firearm silencers and body-piercing ammunition.

In lighter news, the folks at Stop Village 35 will be somewhat relieved that the Village 35 project has been put on the shelf until 2018 – so we at Route 36 Podcast will be keeping our eyes open for new developments and will be sure to bring you the latest.


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